Day one of Doll Blogging! I just got a new doll today!

This year, the Barbie Fashion Model Collection is going Russian. These beautiful dolls have truly Russian names: Darya, Verushka, Nicolai and Mila. This exclusive goes by the name of Ekaterina. I thought that these dolls were on backorder until mid-March and she was sitting on my doorstep today. I have to be a little honest, I’m not really feeling her dress, it’s a little outdated for my taste. She must come from a cold place though, with all that fur! I think I’m going to get my bomber hat out, I’ve been inspired.

What to do with her now…? They made 3500 of them, and I have one. To open or to leave in box is the question? I usually put my Silkies in a glass case and stare at them while I’m on the couch. I think I’ll wait until I have all of the Russians I want and display them together.

Barbie fan club membership came in the mail today too! I cannot disclose the free gift attached with it, it’s not impressive though, I can tell you that! Last year’s was better, much better. But I’ll take the $20.00 discount on my next purchase and buy my next Russian lady, or man. I’m definitely looking forward to the dolls this year. Can anyone sympathize with me? Tokidoki Barbie looks like she’s living life in the fast lane, and tattoos! Oh my goodness, Mattel allowed Barbie to have tattoos galore on this one! The pictures are subject to copyright at the moment, can’t share:( Hostess Barbie is celebrating Halloween this year, only the greatest holiday EVER:) Silkstone Francie is supposedly making her debut this year, I’m drooling. She’s pretty freakin groovy.

So today has been a good Barbie surprise day! I love surprises like this! It’s 4 degrees out, I’m sick and there’s a random box on the doorstep from to save my day!

Will post more pics soon,

Have a good dolly day!

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